What are the objectives of PPC campaigns ?

Increasing the number of orders / leads

Increasing the number of orders leads

The “Pay-per-click” promotion campaigns will generate visibility on the selected advertising space, traffic and, implicitly, the increase of the number of customers / leads. The segmentations made available by Google Adwords [1#], Youtube, Instagram and Facebook [2#] platforms (geolocation, age, interests, device, behavior, etc.) allow us to implement personalized promotion strategies according to niche, audience and business.

Cost optimization per conversion / lead

The optimization of the conversion cost involves detailed segmentation of the audience (new customers / old customers), changes regarding the visibility by hours / geolocation and segmentation by device type. Using digital measurement technologies / tools we can customize each type of promotion campaign through Google Adwords (Youtube) / Facebook Ads (Instagram), the ultimate goal being to get a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

Cost optimization per conversion lead

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

The conversion rate from Returning Visitors [3#] consumers is generally double that of New Visitors users. Improving the General Brand Awareness KPI, along with innovative product marketing and the use of multiple online promotion channels [4#], (through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) will give you the necessary visibility until the final stage, when the consumer decides to make the purchase from your site. Among the brand awareness signals we mention: brand search engines, direct site traffic, multiple references about your site.

Performance Marketing

A) Google Adwords

1. Search Network promotion campaigns

Immediate visibility to the audience of your site through the representative keywords of the business. The management and optimization of Google Adwords (PPC) campaigns are also customized according to the available budget, site audience, product (s) marketed and competition. Among the most innovative Google products for Search Network campaigns, we mention:

  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) [5#]
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) [6#]
Search Network promotion campaigns
Promotion in Google through the GDN display network

2. Promotion in Google through the GDN display network

The Google Display Network (GDN) is the advertising space through which you can stay close to those who have visited your site or even those who are still unaware of your brand. Each consumer wants a personalized experience with your online store / website, and through Display campaigns we can build segmented communication. High performing Display campaigns include:

  • Remarketing dinamic pe baza unui feed/catalog de produse [7#]
  • Anunturi grafice de tip bannere/text
  • Anunturi grafice personalizate in Gmail

3. Video promotion campaigns (Youtube / Facebook / Instagram)

Video graphic ads placed through Youtube have several display forms, depending on the size of the devices used. PPC Video promotion campaigns are recommended only for certain types of businesses and are one of the digital channels that help to increase brand awareness.

Video promotion campaigns
Real-time campaign reporting through Google Data Studio

4. Real-time campaign reporting through Google Data Studio

Google Adwords campaigns set up and managed by PPC specialists are integrated with the Data Studio [8#] interface, customized by us for you. Reports are updated in real time, so you can view paid campaign figures.

Please note: All Google Adwords accounts managed by the digital agency Clevericious are the private property of the clients, even after the collaboration with us.

B) Facebook & Instagram

1. CPC campaigns (traffic to your site)

The bidding in the Facebook Ads advertising space through campaigns with traffic objective must be corroborated with graphic materials (banners), which correctly transpose the promoted product. The costs and results of the Facebook promotion campaign are generally conditioned by the selected audience and the graphic transposition of the product (s). We offer support and consulting regarding the promoted graphic materials, depending on the performance of the campaigns.

CPC campaigns (traffic to your site)
Facebook Ads campaigns for brand awareness

2. Facebook Ads campaigns for brand awareness

The digital strategy proposed by our agency may involve, depending on the business, the integration of campaigns in which we do not “move” the consumer from Facebook to the site. The knowledge gained through the management of the projects and the various areas promoted on Facebook helps us to design a mix of strategies according to the consumers’ requirements, their browsing experience and the final objective.

3. Video promotion campaigns

The Facebook platform, based on information from registered users, recommends that the videos should not be longer than 30 seconds. The advice offered by Facebook consultants is to try to have videos of about 15 seconds, this being the type of advertisement that has the most complete views (until the end).

Facebook video promotion campaigns
Automated campaigns based on a product feed

4. Automated campaigns based on a product feed

Adding some pixels that record the user experience on the site, the interaction with the important buttons on the site (Add to cart, contact us, add to favorites) allow us, based on the creation of a feed / product catalog [9#], to implement personalized strategies for each type of user.

Among the sales techniques we mention some strategies that can be implemented:

  • Remarketing dinamic
  • Upselling
  • Cross-selling

5. Lead generation campaigns (emails, contact details)

The adaptation of the digital promotion strategy must be correlated with the business audience, respectively with the objectives proposed to be achieved. If the goal is to gather a segmented database about your customers, then this campaign is right for your site. This promotion campaign is only accepted by Facebook Ads.

Lead generation campaigns (emails, contact details)
Promotional campaigns through Instagram

6. Promotional campaigns through Instagram

Through the Instagram platform we can integrate personalized promotion campaigns, such as:

  • Pay per click campaigns (with the aim of generating website traffic)
  • Video promotion campaigns
  • Stories promotion campaigns


In 2018, the Instagram platform registered an increase of users, thus reaching a monthly figure of one billion active users. Thus, this advertising space can also be suitable for your business.

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